About us

We are siblings and we were born and raised in Madrid, Spain. With a mixed heritage, we are lucky enough to feel also like home at Perú and Brasil, where our family comes from.

Marta is currently based in London but loves to wander. She travels a lot but she doesn’t need to go anywhere to lose herself into something. Her mind is always thinking on new adventures and matching outfits.

Andrés is currently based in Lima, Perú. He loves his food and likes a great chat when the topic is interesting enough to him, otherwise, he´ll pass and enjoy the silence instead. But bring up a challenging topic to the table and he will engage with enthusiasm.

We share our passion for fashion. We like good quality and unique design. Details are everything to us. This will be our place to share some of the things we enjoy the most.

Hope you like it!


Andrés  & Marta